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Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: Economic Crisis Edition!!

January 4, 2009

It was bad enough that Bernie Madoff put together the largest Ponzi scheme in history to steal $50 billion from charities, financial institutions and retirees. But this week, we got news of victims even more tragic: Madoff lost the $50 million life savings of beloved Hollywood supercouple Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick.

This news raises a lot of questions. Like, “How do you earn $50 million from starring in ‘Flatliners’ and ‘Something to Talk About’?” But in every crisis is an opportunity – and in this crisis is an opportunity to play a new version of the game that made Kevin Bacon a household name. No, not bringing dancing to a repressed small town – linking every major figure of the economic crisis to Kevin Bacon in six degrees or less! Let’s try a few: (more…)


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