Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: Economic Crisis Edition!!

It was bad enough that Bernie Madoff put together the largest Ponzi scheme in history to steal $50 billion from charities, financial institutions and retirees. But this week, we got news of victims even more tragic: Madoff lost the $50 million life savings of beloved Hollywood supercouple Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick.

This news raises a lot of questions. Like, “How do you earn $50 million from starring in ‘Flatliners’ and ‘Something to Talk About’?” But in every crisis is an opportunity – and in this crisis is an opportunity to play a new version of the game that made Kevin Bacon a household name. No, not bringing dancing to a repressed small town – linking every major figure of the economic crisis to Kevin Bacon in six degrees or less! Let’s try a few:

1. DEFUNCT INVESTMENT BANK LEHMAN BROTHERS: Was located on Wall Street, which was a movie directed by Oliver Stone, who also directed “JFK,” with…Kevin Bacon. DEGREES: 4

2. THE NEW YORK METS (whose owner invested with Madoff, and whose new stadium is to be named after tottering financial giant Citigroup): Had on their team Keith Hernandez, who was on an episode of “Seinfeld” with Wayne Knight, who was on “3rd Rock from the Sun” with John Lithgow, who was in “Footloose” with…Kevin Bacon. DEGREES: 4 (Bonus link: That “Seinfeld” episode famously parodied “JFK,” with…Kevin Bacon.)

Sold steaks by Donald Trump, who was on “Celebrity Apprentice” with Marilu Henner, who was in a 1984 TV version of “Mister Roberts” with… Kevin Bacon. DEGREES: 3

See? Fun and informational! So whether you’ve had thirty years of income from your film career wiped out, or you’re just an underemployed schmoe not sure if you can make next month’s rent, “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: Economic Crisis Edition” is a great way to keep track of who’s who in the Great Depression II!


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