The Top Story! Weekly Cast with Matthew Gray Gubler!!

Here’s the Top Story! Weekly cast with Matthew Gray Gubler on the iO West Mainstage right after rehearsal on June 20, 2010 – Matthew and Emo Philips did the show that night! Videos of the sketches from the show will be up in the next few days – check out our website or our YouTube page!!

Left to right: Rachael Drummond, Melissa Okey, Derek Reid, Matt Moore, Mike Hughes, Brent Pope, Kipleigh Brown, Matthew Gray Gubler, Artemis Pebdani, Sean Cowhig and Phillip Wilburn


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2 Responses to “The Top Story! Weekly Cast with Matthew Gray Gubler!!”

  1. hughster1 Says:

    The first of the sketches with Matthew is up – here he plays a character that will be quite familiar to his fans!

  2. Mickey B Says:

    Check out this Matthew Gray Gubler video interview! Love him!

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