Watch “To iO West and Beyond!” with Matthew Gray Gubler from Top Story! Weekly Episode 58: “(61) Days of Summer”

Matthew Gray Gubler – Dr. Spencer Reid from CBS’ “Criminal Minds” – guest starred in Top Story! Weekly Sunday and could not have been nicer – or funnier! Here’s the opening sketch from that show – based upon a comment that Gregg Lopez made over a year ago when we were picking names for the show, about the likelihood that someone might confuse our show’s name with the name of a certain Pixar franchise whose latest installment opened this past weekend!

A misreading of a title brings an excited couple to iO West for what they think is a showing of “Toy Story 3!”

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TO iO WEST AND BEYOND by Michael Hughes – from Top Story! Weekly Episode 58: “(61) Days of Oil”

Starring Matthew Gray Gubler (Sam), Kipleigh Brown (Jennifer), Rachael Drummond (Michaela) and Phillip Wilburn (John Ratzenberger)

Directed by Michael Hughes


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