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Watch “Backlash At St. Olaf” from Top Story! Weekly Episode 53: “Like Oil and Water”

May 19, 2010

The first of two sketches I wrote for the great episode of Top Story! Weekly from this past Sunday, with Bobcat Goldthwait. Like the rest of America, I loved Betty White on SNL. But that didn’t stop me from writing a sketch about the possibility of a backlash. Which led to Bobcat sharing a story during his set about his experience guesting in “Golden Palace.”

Sure, Betty White was great hosting “Saturday Night Live”…but maybe the hype has gone just a little too far….

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BACKLASH AT ST. OLAF by Michael Hughes – from Top Story! Weekly Episode 53: “Like Oil and Water”

Starring Gregg Lopez (Tom), Shannon Ayers (Jill), Kipleigh Brown (Rebecca), Melissa Okey (Marissa), Matt Moore (Danny) and Derek Reid (Kevin)

Directed by Tom Repetto


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