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Top Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Get Castrated!

September 28, 2012

Researchers say men who are castrated live longer. If going to that extreme to extend your life interests you, first take a second and look at the Top Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting Castrated:

Do I want my only choice at karaoke to be Bee Gees songs?

If I have the operation, what will I scratch mindlessly?

Will the operation make it easier to get elected as a Democrat?

Will my favorite movie change from “Terminator” to “The Notebook”?

Could I get the same effect by watching nothing but the OWN network?

Do I need to get them back from my wife first?

Can I have them back afterwards to tie to the back of my pickup?

Will I still be eligible to compete in drag beauty pageants?

Will they use the same procedure Angelina Jolie used on Brad Pitt?

Can I donate my “equipment” to Chaz Bono?


Watch “TS!W 720: Jennifer Aniston’s Summer Movie Preview” from Top Story! Weekly Episode 148: “The Four- (or Eight-) Year Engagement”!!

May 1, 2012

Shannon Ayers’ last show as a member of the Top Story! Weekly cast gave me one last chance to write a sketch to showcase her great Jennifer Aniston impression!!


Starring Shannon Ayers (Jennifer Aniston) and Phillip Wilburn (Anchor)

Directed by Michael Hughes

Watch “Chelsea Handles Brangelina” from Top Story! Weekly Episode 81: “Lame Duck, Lame Duck, Goose!”

December 17, 2010

Chelsea Handler lashes out at Angelina. I get to write another sketch with Jennifer Aniston!

Chelsea Handler’s onstage slams at Angelina Jolie draw a surprise visit from her new best friend – Jennifer Aniston!

To see all the sketches from Top Story! Weekly as soon as they’re posted, subscribe to our YouTube channel!

CHELSEA HANDLES BRANGELINA by Michael Hughes – from Top Story! Weekly Episode 81: “Lame Duck, Lame Duck, Goose!”

Starring Melissa Okey (Chelsea Handler), Shannon Ayers (Jennifer Aniston), Phillip Wilburn (Emcee) and Matthew Harris (Server)

Directed by Tom Repetto

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