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Watch “It Was Up To You, New York” from Top Story! Weekly Episode 108: “Just One More Thing…”

July 6, 2011

We put our scripts together on Friday nights. And on Friday night, June 24, the New York State Senate was voting on gay marriage. Clearly it was a story we’d have to address in Top Story! Weekly if it passed. Originally, I wrote this sketch so that famous New Yorkers were urging the Senate to vote in favor of gay marriage. But as I was finalizing the script, the bill passed, so I changed it to a more celebratory sketch, which worked much better. But the real highlight of this sketch is the showcase of our cast’s awesome impersonations. I looked at who we had that week, thought of who they could do, and the results were awesome. The audience applause got louder with every entrance.

IT WAS UP TO YOU, NEW YORK by Michael Hughes

Starring Jen Cain (Hillary Clinton), Phillip Wilburn (Donald Trump), Shannon Ayers (Jennifer Aniston), Brian O’Connell (Woody Allen) and Derek Reid (Tracy Morgan)

Directed by Michael Hughes

Watch Donald Trump Denying Charges That He’s A Racist – from Top Story! Weekly Episode 100: “Kiss Me, Kate!”

May 4, 2011

Neil Garguilo is one of my favorite actors to work with in the world. (In fact, he’s just plain one of my favorite people in the world.) And a guy as talented as Neil gets busy, so he doesn’t have as much time to do Top Story! Weekly as he or I would like. But he was able to do it this past Sunday, so I put together this sketch about Donald Trump’s allegedly racist comments and got to enjoy the magic that he and Phillip Wilburn have on stage together.

Fun fact: this sketch was performed within a half hour of President Obama’s announcement about the death of Osama bin Laden – look for the line at the top that was added to allude to that fact!


Starring Phillip Wilburn (Donald Trump) and Neil Garguilo (Craig)

Directed by Michael Hughes

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: Economic Crisis Edition!!

January 4, 2009

It was bad enough that Bernie Madoff put together the largest Ponzi scheme in history to steal $50 billion from charities, financial institutions and retirees. But this week, we got news of victims even more tragic: Madoff lost the $50 million life savings of beloved Hollywood supercouple Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick.

This news raises a lot of questions. Like, “How do you earn $50 million from starring in ‘Flatliners’ and ‘Something to Talk About’?” But in every crisis is an opportunity – and in this crisis is an opportunity to play a new version of the game that made Kevin Bacon a household name. No, not bringing dancing to a repressed small town – linking every major figure of the economic crisis to Kevin Bacon in six degrees or less! Let’s try a few: (more…)

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