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Watch “Supreme Belieber” from Top Story! Weekly Episode 61: “There Will Be True Blood”

July 27, 2010

Any time I can find a reason to write for one of the Top Story! Weekly cast‘s recurring characters it’s fun. When the cast member is Artemis Pebdani and the recurring character is Kim Jong-Il, it’s a blast!

Did you hear about that Internet poll where users voted to have Justin Bieber take his tour to North Korea? Turns out it wasn’t a prank – but a plot by Justin Bieber’s biggest fan – Kim Jong-Il!

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SUPREME BELIEBER by Michael Hughes – from Top Story! Weekly Episode 61: “There Will Be True Blood”

Starring John Abbott (David Oten), Tammie Smalls (Kelly), Shannon Ayers (Justin Bieber), and Artemis Pebdani (Kim Jong-Il)

Directed by Michael Hughes


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