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Watch “The Lindsay Lohan Support Group” from Top Story! Weekly Episode 241: “Malaysian Mystery!”

March 21, 2014

This show was the first time in almost two years I had two sketches in “Top Story! Weekly!” This one was a look at the Lindsay Lohan fuck list, and an excuse for me to write for great impressions like James Warfield’s James Franco, Mark Gagliardi’s Colin Farrell (both of whom were on the list) and Tammie Smalls’ Wanda Sykes (who wasn’t, but could have been…)


Starring Julia Wackenheim (Marcia), Mark Gagliardi (Colin Farrell), James Warfield (James Franco), Tammie Smalls (Wanda Sykes), Adam Campbell-Schmitt (Kevin), Phillip Wilburn (Regis Philbin) and Jen Cain (Anchor),

Directed by Michael Hughes


Watch “Bailout and Begorrah” from Top Story! Weekly Episode 80: “Top Story! Wiki”

December 15, 2010

I’m Irish. I can make these jokes.

The European Union has agreed to bail out Ireland – but the Irish Parliament won’t be happy when they hear what they have to give up!!

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BAILOUT AND BEGORRAH by Michael Hughes – from Top Story! Weekly Episode 80: “Top Story! Wiki”

Starring Tommy Bechtold (Brian Cowan), Gregg Lopez (Seamus), Melissa Okey (Maureen), Derek Reid (Patrick), Brent Pope (Finn) and Phillip Wilburn (Lucky the Leprechaun)

Directed by Michael Hughes

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