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Watch “Words with Alec” from Top Story! Weekly Episode 130: “Leaving a Jet Plane”

December 14, 2011

The Alec Baldwin “Words with Friends” incident was almost a self-parody, so this sketch is pretty straightforward. Fun fact: Sean Cowhig was actually tweeting while on stage.

WORDS WITH ALEC by Michael Hughes

Starring Phillip Wilburn (Alec Baldwin), Kipleigh Brown (Stacy), Artemis Pebdani (Gwen), James Warfield (Pilot), Jimmy Guidish (Passenger) and Sean Cowhig (Passenger)

Directed by Tom Repetto


Watch “The Unfriendly Skies” from Top Story! Weekly Episode 113: “AAA Gets Towed Away!”

August 11, 2011

My other sketch from this past week’s show, about the FAA shutdown. I’m happy, among other things, that it gave Peter Fluet the chance to reprise a classic line from the old Big News show: “Hot coffee! Cold milk! Warm half and half!”


Starring Phillip Wilburn (John Boehner), James Warfield (John Mica), Kipleigh Brown (Sandra), Jen Cain (Debbie), Peter Fluet (Captain Edwards) and Sean Cowhig (Co-Captain Robertson)

Directed by Michael Hughes

Watch “Planes, Trains and Automobies II” from Top Story! Weekly Episode 83: “It Goes to ’11”

January 5, 2011

My friend Matt Moore and I have a Christmas week tradition of watching “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” together. When the so-called “snowpocalypse” struck the East Coast after Christmas, and I realized I had two cast members in Top Story! Weekly who really could pull off Steve Martin and John Candy…well, there was no way I couldn’t write this sketch!

The “snowpocalypse” striking the East Coast right before New Year’s Eve may strand two travelers together – just like they were in a classic movie comedy from the ’80’s!

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PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES II by Michael Hughes – from Top Story! Weekly Episode 83: “It Goes to ’11”

Starring Phillip Wilburn (Neal Page), Tommy Bechtold (Del Griffith), Kipleigh Brown (Stewardess) and John Abbott (Pilot)

Directed by Michael Hughes

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