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Watch “2 Damn High” from Top Story! Weekly Episode 75: “2 Damn High”

October 27, 2010

When Jimmy McMillan from The Rent’s Too Damn High Party went viral, I knew he was a classic example of a one-week story, so to make the most of him I put two sketches in Top Story! Weekly about him. Here’s the one I wrote. Jason Kelley as McMillan looks amazing.

Are you a New Yorker who wants to move into an apartment you can’t afford, get rid of an annoying mountain, or marry a shoe? There’s a political party for you!

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2 DAMN HIGH by Michael Hughes – from Top Story! Weekly Episode 75: “2 Damn High”

Starring Tommy Bechtold (Chad), Shannon Ayers (Heather), Kipleigh Brown (Rosalyn), Jason Kelley (Jimmy McMillan) and Gregg Lopez (Bennie)

Directed by Michael Hughes


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