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Watch “Chelsea Getting Married” from Top Story! Weekly Episode 63: “Chelsea Morning”

August 12, 2010

President Obama isn’t happy that he wasn’t invited to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding…and he’s even less happy when he sees who did make the list!

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CHELSEA GETTING MARRIED by Erich Eilenberger and Michael Hughes – from Top Story! Weekly Episode 63: “Chelsea Morning”

Starring Phillip Wilburn (Bill Clinton), Matthew Harris (Barack Obama), Christopher Biewer (Ellen DeGeneres), Kim Mulligan (Kara DioGuardi), Melissa Okey (Sarah Palin), Shannon Ayers (Bristol Palin), Matt Moore (The Situation), Brian Vestal (Pauly D), Brent Pope (Kim Jong-Il) and Tommy Bechtold (Monica Lewinsky)

Directed by Michael Hughes


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