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Watch “El Alcalde Es Occupado” from Top Story! Weekly Episode 129: “Maybe Cain Isn’t Able”!!

December 7, 2011

Mayor Villaraigosa negotiates the end of the “Occupy L.A.” protests the same week that Top Story! Weekly has Neil Garguilo (Principal Cox from MTV’s “Awkward” and iO West‘s Dr. God, and one of our regular cast members as well) in the cast? That makes it time to revisit one of our favorite recurring sketches – the telenovela with Los Angeles’ Mayor, “El Alcalde de la Pasion!!”


Starring Neil Garguilo (Antonio Villaraigosa), John Druska (Police Chief Charlie Beck), Jen Cain (Mae), Kipleigh Brown (Tiffany), Jimmy Guidish (Troy), Tammie Smalls (Gloria), Derek Reid (Donovan) and Phillip Wilburn (Announcer),

Directed by Michael Hughes


Watch “Justin Bieber on CSI” from Top Story! Weekly Episode 70: “The Delaware Destroyer”

September 22, 2010

Justin Bieber’s on “CSI” this Thursday?!!! Thanks, comedy gods! Now Top Story! Weekly has a chance to bring out Horatio Caine while having some fun at the expense of America’s (and Canada’s) top teen idol!!

Justin Bieber is guest starring on “CSI” – but was his performance on the MTV Video Music Awards to die for? Las Vegas and Miami team up to find out!

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JUSTIN BIEBER ON CSI by Michael Hughes – from Top Story! Weekly Episode 70: “The Delaware Destroyer”

Starring Tillery Johnson (Justin Bieber), Phillip Wilburn (Horatio Caine), Melissa Okey (Callie Duquense), Shannon Ayers (Catherine Willows), Derek Reid (Dr. Ray Langston) and Tammie Smalls (Body),

Directed by Michael Hughes

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