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Watch “Arrested Delivery” from Top Story! Weekly Episode 202: “Believe It or Not”!

May 30, 2013

My look at the mania surrounding the premiere of the new episodes of “Arrested Development” on Netflix!


Starring Jimmy Guidish (Matt), and Kipleigh Brown (Caroline)

Directed by Adam Campbell-Schmitt


Watch “Season Pass or Fail” from Top Story! Weekly Episode 194: “The Balcony Is Closed”!

April 13, 2013

A little confession for you guys: I first wrote this sketch for a class I’m taking and decided to tweak it for TS!W. It’s inspired by my own difficulties keeping up with all the TV shows we “have” to watch these days (I’m only halfway through season two of “Breaking Bad”!). Probably better in concept than execution, but take a look and enjoy!

SEASON PASS OR FAIL by Michael Hughes

Starring Kipleigh Brown (Amanda), Stacy Rumaker (Daphne), Julia Wackenheim (Karen), Sean Cowhig (Craig), Phillip Wilburn (Pete) and Brian Vestal (Walter Nielsen)

Directed by Michael Hughes

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