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Watch “Nothing to iSee Here” From Top Story! Weekly Episode 122: “Good-Night, Sweet Nerd”

October 14, 2011

Trying to figure out how to get comedy out of last week’s big story – the death of Steve Jobs – it dawned on me that the way to approach it would be to focus on what happened at Apple the day before: the underwhelming launch of the new iPhone 4S. The audience reaction isn’t huge in this video – it was the opening sketch, and I think they were warming up – but I think it’s a pretty solid effort. After all, references to hoverboards are always funny.

NOTHING TO iSEE HERE by Michael Hughes

Starring Christopher Biewer (Tim Cook), Brian Vestal (Phil Schiller), Phillip Wilburn (Reporter #1), John Abbott (Reporter #2) and Kipleigh Brown (Reporter #3)

Directed by Michael Hughes


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