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Watch “Boehner It’s Cold Outside” from Top Story! Weekly Episode 80: “Top Story! Wiki”

December 14, 2010

We needed a sketch to close the show. Song parodies are a favorite way for us to do so. Phillip Wilburn tossed out the phrase “Boehner It’s Cold Outside,” and this song (written before the announcement of the tax cut deal) was the result!

How can President Obama reach a deal on the Bush tax cuts with Republican House leader John Boehner? Maybe through the magic of this seductive holiday classic!!

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BOEHNER, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE by Tommy Bechtold, Michael Hughes and Phillip Wilburn – from Top Story! Weekly Episode 80: “Top Story! Wiki”

Starring Derek Reid (Barack Obama) and Phillip Wilburn (John Boehner)

Directed by Michael Hughes

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