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Watch “World Cup’s Balls” with Matthew Gray Gubler from Top Story! Weekly Episode 58: “(61) Days of Summer”

June 23, 2010

Okay, I didn’t write this sketch – Matt Blitz did – but I’m posting it on my blog for three reasons: it features our guest star from this past Sunday, Matthew Gray Gubler aka Dr. Spencer Reid from CBS’ “Criminal Minds;” it’s about the USA in the World Cup, which is super timely this morning; and it’s hilarious. Sometimes there’s nothing funnier than watching a guy get kicked in his junk.

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WORLD CUP’S BALLS by Matt Blitz – from Top Story! Weekly Episode 58: “(61) Days of Oil”

Starring Matthew Gray Gubler (Gary), Sean Cowhig (Lester), Derek Reid (Simon) and Rachael Drummond (Bartender)

Directed by Michael Hughes


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